May 20th 2017 from 16:00~ (Japan Time) Free International Live-Streaming of the World Title Match

CBC TELEVISION proudly announces that we webcast WBO World Jr-Fly Weight Title Match held at TEVA OCEAN ARENA, Japan on May 20th 2017 for FREE.
*Report: Albert Smith
*International webcast except for Japan.

WBO World Jr-Fly Weight Title Match
Champion Kosei Tanaka (JAPAN/Hatanaka Promotion) vs Rank 1st Angel Tito Acosta (Puerto Rico/Promociones Miguel Cotto)

・Seoul 16:00~ on 20th
・Manila 15:00~ on 20th
・Paris 9:00~ on 20th
・London 8:00~ on 20th
・Rio De Janeiro 4:00~ o 20th
・San Juan 3:00~ on 20th
・New York 3:00~ on 20th
・Mexico City 2:00~ on 20th

This match is being given great attention for Kosei Tanaka who won 4 amateur titles, won WBO World Minimum Weight title at his 5th fight from his great debut in May 2015, and has achieved the champions for two classes of weight division by beating Moises Fuentes (Mexico) who’s already won the champions for two classes of weight division.
This is Kosei’s very first defense match by welcoming Angel Acosta Gomez from Puerto Rico, who has the perfect record with 16 matches 16 wins 16 KO. It will be a great survival match between champion Tanaka and Acosta known as a second coming of Wilfredo Gomez , which is said by WBO President Francisco Valcarsel.

CBC TELEVISION provides you a great experience people in the world enjoy the same content together through international webcast.
We have been broadcasting Kosei’s match since his debut on our regional free TV, and we had many offers for the footage for a long time. This movement became a trigger of free webcasting from Kosei’s last match with Fuentes. It is such a great opportunity for boxing fans all over the world to enjoy a great match for free.

Hatanaka Gym Chair Man Kiyoshi Hatanaka comments;
Kosei talks his goal is to win FIVE classes of weight division in the future. As he beautifully completed his last match with Fuentes only by 5 round, boxing fans and related people’s mark to Kosei is rapidly growing. We cannot wait Kosei wins this great fighter Acosta who has been making a perfect record so far.
Kosei is still only 21 years old and highly talented, so that I believe his dream is not only a dream but he can achieve it. I expect him to cross over domestic level and to be a world boxing hero. I like you to enjoy his “chapter two” through this live-streaming opportunity.